Road Safety

** Road safety reminder**

Hello festival heads! Not long to go now until we will all be collaborating creating something magic together. We hope you are looking forward to this weekend as much as we are.

Just a heads up that last year the police had a road block set up and unfortunately they were not impressed by the number of people who tested positive on RBTs and RDTs (and neither are we!). We have spoken to the local officers and because of this they will have a full road block set up with RBTs, RDTs, rego/licence checks and sniffer dogs. The local officer said that his intention is to keep the roads safe. He wanted us to let you know that they will be there with road blocks before, during and after the festival.  

We cannot express how important it is to be safe and responsible while driving. Not only for your sake, but for others driving on the road. Let’s work together as a community and bring those alcohol and substance detection statistics down!

Sending you all so much love! We hope you have a wonderful adventure on the drive to Collaborations Festival ❤️

See you this weekend!