As Collaborations Festival grows, each year we focus more on sustainability and co-creating in harmony with the land. There is a lot that we can learn from each other of ways to gently tread on the planet. We feel that by encouraging, supporting, and by bouncing ideas off each other in ways to nurture and respect the land, we can grow together as a community and create new ways to live on this planet peacefully and continue to celebrate sustainably on such sacred land for many years to come.

Here is a list of things that you can do as an individual to create a smaller carbon footprint and tread lighter on this amazing planet we call home:

  • Carpool Carpool Carpool – transport is easily the biggest contributor to our carbon footprint! It is so much more fun carpooling and connecting with like-minded friends, and you can share the fuel costs and driving.
  • Leave No Trace – This is a major key! Be mindful and please respect the earth, the native animals and yourself and don’t leave a trace of trash behind you.
  • No Glass – glass is an environmental hazard and a logistical nightmare. Bring cans or plastic. Easy! If you are caught with glass you will be asked to bin it ASAP.  
  • Bin Your Butts – if you smoke, use a personal ashtray or the bins provided. Don’t be a tosser! No butts on the ground please.
  • Be water wise – running water is easy to take for granted. Be mindful when using showers and taps
  • Use the bins provided– Take two seconds to make sure you dispose of your stuff in the right bins
  • Recycle when you get home – separate trash from recycling in your camp, take it home and recycle.
  • Bring a reusable coffee cup and water bottle – got one for cocktails? Use your own for coffee and water to cut down on trashed paper cups and plastic bottles
  • Don’t bring cheap disposable things like party poppers, plastic cutlery and stuff bound for landfill – They are a waste of money and completely unnecessary!
  • Bring good camping gear, not stuff that’s going to break and get binned – at the end of the day it’s better to spend a little bit extra on quality equipment that’s going to last.
  • Cut back on useless packaging, use reusable containers or recyclable packs like tetra paks or tins – you will feel good knowing that you are putting less rubbish into the bins!
  • Share knowledge – you are part of building an eco-friendly culture! Share these ideas around!       

While sustainability is one of our main focal points of the festival we also need your help! We are one big community and what we do as a whole has a large impact. We encourage you all to be mindful of your actions and encourage each other to be more respectful conscious caretakers of the land.

Reduce – Reuse – Recycle!